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This Portfolio tag helps organize my experience and showcases my professional accomplishments, skills, and more. It’s also a personal platform where I present work examples, projects, and podcasts.

The aim is to showcase my expertise and have it serve as a visual/virtual resume (besides LinkedIn) and also to reflect my brand. It’s an evolving space, and I regularly update it.

Check it out!

To view it, click a link below. I currently have it divided into 5 sections and displayed in 2 columns (left column = text-based | right column = visual):

Project Portfolio

By JarredAndrews.com

Jarred’s project portfolio spans diverse sectors, from higher education and EdTech to telehealth, web strategy, technical writing, operations & planning, media & production, and sustainability. As a seasoned PM certified in Citizen Development Business Architecture (PMI CD-BA), he’s adept at turning complex plans into reality. With an entrepreneurial spirit and growth-focused mindset, Jarred empowers startups, bootstrapped businesses, and nonprofits.

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