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Podcasts (See Below)


  • Are digital audio files are made available on the internet for downloading or streaming.
  • Typically part of a series on diverse topics.
  • Allow listeners to engage with content conveniently and on-demand.

Overall, they offer a platform for storytelling, education, entertainment, and discussion, often fostering a sense of community among listeners and creators. Some are also more instructional (webinars) and others are more informational (panel discussions).

And guess what? I’ve participated in a bunch!

Here are some recent ones:

Project Portfolio

By JarredAndrews.com

Jarred’s project portfolio encompasses higher education, EdTech, HealthTech, and telehealth, to web strategy and high-level operations projects.

He’s a seasoned PM and change agent specializing and certified in Citizen Development Business Architecture (PMI-CDBA and PMI CDP).

With an entrepreneurial spirit, a growth-focused mindset, and a never-ending curiosity to improve tomorrow, Jarred turns complex project plans and ideations into reality.

As a result, he has helped Series A startups strategize, bootstrapped businesses bootstrap, corporations curtail convolution, and nonprofits navigate digital transformation.