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Blog Posts

This Blog Posts tag lets you see all published posts at a glance. It also helps to keep things organized (I’ll spare you the details)! :)

What I write about constantly evolves and grows. As you read through the list below, you’ll notice a theme around project management because that’s what I do. I also specialize in citizen development and have even written about my CD journey. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or send a note through my Contact page if you’d like to reach out.

Project Management

As a project manager, I’ve worked in various industries, mainly with startups and nonprofits, understanding their nuances and learning what works versus what doesn’t.

Citizen Development

Over the years, I’ve also developed an interest in citizen development, which has allowed me to share my experiences and insights with others. Furthermore, I prefer to work on mission-driven projects that use tech for good! Overall, I’ve had the chance to work with some excellent folks, and their stories and journeys have been both inspiring and informative. As a result, my blog posts contain citizen development topics, including best practices, tips, and tricks, and I plan to expand that in 2024.

The below list was updated on February 22, 2024.

Here’s My Current Categories List:

  1. Business Fundamentals
  2. Technology and Innovation
  3. Project and Program Management
  4. Future of Work
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