Services Innovative Technical Project Management Services and Solutions

I run to empower startups, nonprofits, and organizations dedicated to social good through innovative project/program services and solutions.

My journey began in nonprofits and expanded across higher education, marketing, and digital transformation landscapes.

I am committed to human-first organizations that want to leverage technology and improve internal and external communication to drive impactful change. Fusing my extensive experience in tech-driven solutions with a genuine dedication to social justice, equal rights, and environmental sustainability, I’m intentionally shaping a better tomorrow via projects and program management.

As a seasoned professional in applied management sciences, my background is diverse and specialized.

  • Contracted to head federally funded, state-wide grant project for telehealth expansion in Maine
  • Blogger, panel discussion, and podcast participant
    • Creating a customer-centric digital strategy (panel discussion)
    • How I use tech for good

I help initiate, structure, and manage citizen development programs for startups and nonprofits. Of course, other options may be possible if it is determined that citizen development isn’t suitable.

  • Benefits
    • Enables non-technical staff to contribute to app development.
    • Encourages innovation and agility within the organization.
  • Considerations
    • Requires continued and effective governance to ensure quality, functionality, and security.
    • May face challenges in scaling for larger enterprises and small orgs alike.
    • Can take up to 3 years to fully implement.

Tailored technical project services focused on social justice, equal rights, climate improvement, and related initiatives. Please note that using technology for good looks different across the board.

  • Benefits
    • Addresses specific social challenges through technology.
    • Aligns technology with ethical and impactful goals.
  • Considerations
    • May require extensive research and development for unique solutions.
    • Funding and resources might be limited compared to commercial projects.

Project management and consultancy services for optimizing operations and strategies. My consulting services are usually ongoing (vs. one-off), and they can include the creation of auditing and training programs.

  • Benefits
    • Offers comprehensive guidance for efficient project execution.
    • Integrates best practices for business optimization.
  • Considerations
    • Dependency on effective collaboration from various stakeholders.
    • Complexities in implementing changes within existing infrastructure/tech stacks.

I understand the diverse financial landscapes of startups and nonprofits. We can tailor pricing during contract negotiation to ensure alignment with your organization’s goals, project requirements, and available resources. Also, I approach projects with a comprehensive focus on delivering value-driven services and solutions based on your unique needs. Pricing is structured around project-based invoicing and determined by several factors and not limited to:

  • Market rate
  • Grant amount
  • Funding budget

Different projects have different durations.

Short-Term Engagements (6 months):

Ideal for initiatives requiring rapid implementation with detailed and focused deliverables.

Mid-Term Projects (1 year):

Allows for more extensive development, refinement, and deployment of solutions.

Long-Term Collaborations (2+ years):

Tailored for comprehensive, in-depth transformations for ongoing support and consultancy services.

Project-Based Invoicing

All projects are contract-based and not calculated hourly; I figure pricing based on the project scope, requirements, timeline, budget, taxes, etc., so we can plan accordingly and nix unanticipated surprises. For example, up to 10% down is required before a project can begin.

Flexibility in Rates

My pricing structure is adaptable, considering grant-funded projects or organizations with specific budget constraints.

Negotiation for Fairness

During contract discussions, we strive for fair and equitable pricing that aligns with your project’s objectives, budget, and more.

I believe in transparency regarding our pricing structures and work closely with clients to ensure a clear understanding of project costs and deliverables from the onset. The aim is to foster collaborative partnerships, prioritizing your org’s success while delivering high-value solutions within agreed timelines and budgets.

Your initial appointment is free and can be scheduled for 30 minutes or 1 hour. The button below links to my contact page.

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