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From business analysis to media & production, I’ve helped a nurse develop, strategize, and implement a new telehealth program (from scratch), built battle cards and datasets for a Series A startup, and have interviewed on podcast topics from social media marketing to mercury pollution.

About this Portfolio

I’m a U.S.-based senior web strategist who takes pride in having an insatiable curiosity to improve UX. What makes me unique is that I have web development and design skills, and I’m a trained business analyst and member of the IIBA®️.

So how does that translate into transferrable skills?

My aptitude intersects with design thinking, communication, and data science analytics. I blog about business trends (work preferences, data analytics, etc.) to help bridge communication gaps, delved into media and production, and enjoy assisting cohorts in synthesizing complex data through technical writing, business analysis, planning, and web strategy.

I’m outcome-oriented

The goal is to ensure that needs align with requirements. Then, once the bases get covered, we can work toward uncovering potential solutions. But, of course, it’s never that easy and usually always ambiguous. So before everything, I focus on aligning the team and fostering open communication, so everyone knows their part, the current state, and how they can best contribute. Plus, when you start with an engaged team, timelines tend to improve, and, as a result, so does cost-efficiency.

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