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Category: Innovation


This subcategory within the Technology and Innovation category explores the processes, strategies, and mindsets to foster creativity and drive development. This section is aimed at entrepreneurs, business leaders, and anyone passionate about pushing boundaries.

Ideation to Concept

Next, central to this subcategory is the concept of innovation management. This includes, but is not limited to, ideation and concept development to implementation and market introduction. Furthermore, it covers various models and frameworks that help organizations structure their processes. For example, design thinking, lean startup methodologies, and more.

Learn from Failure

The role of corporate culture support is a key focus area. Moreover, discussions revolve around creating an environment that promotes risk-taking, experimentation, and learning from failure, essential components of a dynamic ecosystem.

Technological advancements and their impact are explored, highlighting how emerging technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things (IoT) create new opportunities for disruption across industries.


Collaboration and partnership strategies are examined, emphasizing the importance of engaging with startups, research institutions, and other organizations to co-develop solutions and accelerate the path to market.

Overall, articles under this section consider the trends and challenges that shape the landscape. It also aims to inspire and prepare readers to lead efforts within their organizations and equip them with the knowledge and tools.

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More Info

Initially, I wrote a 5-part Innovation Series that covered everything from KPIs to Public vs. Private Sector changes:

  1. Business innovation: its many forms and why it matters
  2. What is Innovation Leadership?
  3. Public Sector Innovation Roadblocks
  4. Two (of many) Innovation Process Models
  5. Measuring Business Innovation: Metrics & KPIs

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