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Category: Cybersecurity


This cybersecurity subcategory is nestled within the Technology and Innovation category. It offers a shallow dive into protecting digital information and infrastructure from cyber threats. This area caters to project managers, program managers, and anyone interested in understanding it in technical projects.

General Solutions

At its core, it focuses on the mechanisms and practices designed to safeguard networks, devices, programs, and data. Since I am not a cybersecurity expert, this section will be smaller than most. Nonetheless, this section provides insights into the evolving landscape of cyber threats and the innovative solutions developed to counteract them.

Basic Security Awareness

Developing a robust security strategy is essential. We must include the creation of effective policies, the role of employee training in security awareness, and the implementation of basic security technologies like firewalls, antivirus software, and encryption.

Cybersecurity from a PM Standpoint

In general, I cover how to approach cybersecurity from a PM perspective. Overall, this cybersecurity section is a resource for general enhancement toward understanding digital security measures and practices.

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Demystifying Digital Transformation: The Basics

By Jarred Andrews

In today’s fast-changing business world, the key elements of successful digital transformation (DX) are complex. This post covers the basics of the importance of understanding these elements, from vision and strategy to cybersecurity, as DX is no longer optional but essential for us to thrive in this new digital era.

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