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Category: Citizen Development

Citizen Development

The Citizen Development subcategory, is part of the Project and Program Management category. Throughout, we explore the movement of enabling non-technical individuals to build solutions with low-code or no-code (LCNC) platforms. Overall, this innovative approach democratizes technology creation and allows for rapid solution development and deployment (by those closest to business challenges).


Central to Citizen Development is empowering professionals to create solutions without coding knowledge. This subcategory dives into selecting LCNC platforms, highlighting their features, benefits, and how they can be effectively utilized within organizations.


Furthermore, articles under this section touch on governance to help manage citizen development initiatives and avoid shadow IT. To establish clear guidelines, we need security protocols and oversight to ensure that solutions developed align with IT policies and data governance standards.

The subcategory also dives into best practices to foster innovation and collaboration between IT and citizen developers. Moreover, it emphasizes the importance of collaboration to unlock the full potential of citizen development.

Building a Community

Training and community building are also key themes. By providing resources and support networks, organizations can enhance the skills of citizen developers, encouraging continuous learning and improvement.

Citizen Development is poised to revolutionize how orgs approach developing solutions to solve problems and innovate. This subcategory is an essential resource for business leaders, IT professionals, and aspiring citizen developers. Plus, it offers insights into leveraging this approach to drive digital transformation and achieve competitive advantage.

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