Category: Portfolio


The Portfolio category showcases my range of projects and skills. The portfolio is organized into 5 distinct sections and displays in 2 columns on my website. The left side is text based and right side is visual:

  1. Business AnalysisHighlights my analytical acumen in assessing business processes, identifying needs, and recommending solutions that optimize performance.
  2. Web StrategyFeatures projects where innovative web solutions meet strategic objectives, highlighting online brand positioning expertise.
  3. Technical WritingDemonstrates my ability to distill complex information into clear, user-friendly documentation, reflecting your proficiency in communication and knowledge transfer.
  4. Business Strategy PlanningShowcases my prowess in formulating and executing business strategies that drive growth, efficiency, and competitive advantage.
  5. Media and ProductionExhibits my creative flair in producing compelling content across various media, showcasing my skills in engaging audiences and crafting impactful narratives.

How to Develop a Winning Digital Strategy for Your Business

By Jarred Andrews

Unlock the full potential of your business in the digital age with a winning digital strategy. Learn the essential steps, from setting SMART objectives to understanding your target audience, assessing your digital presence, and developing key initiatives. Allocate resources wisely, implement and monitor your plan, and stay agile to ensure long-term success in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Project Portfolio


Jarred’s project portfolio encompasses higher education, EdTech, HealthTech, and telehealth, to web strategy and high-level operations projects.

He’s a seasoned PM and change agent specializing and certified in Citizen Development Business Architecture (PMI-CDBA and PMI CDP).

With an entrepreneurial spirit, a growth-focused mindset, and a never-ending curiosity to improve tomorrow, Jarred turns complex project plans and ideations into reality.

As a result, he has helped Series A startups strategize, bootstrapped businesses bootstrap, corporations curtail convolution, and nonprofits navigate digital transformation.