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I’m a multifaceted creative with analytical agility. Before becoming a web strategist at the helm of business analysis, digital marketing, project management, and design thinking, I worked in human rights and higher education.


My superpowers are cross-functional communication, compiling data, and translating it into something actionable. As a result, I’ve developed skills in analyzing data and understanding how to pull insights into easily digestible formats. In addition, I’m passionate about fact-finding, UX accessibility, inclusion, and, ultimately, making today better than it was yesterday. Finally, my WordPress/web portal/analytics development experience comes in handy when building reports and dashboards—having someone on staff who can do this quickly and efficiently (and with knowledge of data privacy and digital marketing standards) can help when presenting to stakeholders. As a result, I can save money and time — something vital for non-profits and startups.


I’m switching back to my roots — more specifically, grassroots (human rights and social justice at non-profits). Most recently, I signed a contract that allows me to merge my tech skills with common sense human rights via project management!


COVID-19 gave me a much-needed perspective shift, and I’m hitting the ground running with my skills as a web strategist!


Through branching out, being intentional, and mission-driven! I’m outcome-oriented and have endless tenacity to help nonprofits with a meaningful mission. With all of the recent happenings from our Supreme Court, it is more important than ever to get involved. For me, that’s through project managementbusiness analysiscontent creation, and web strategy.

  • What my volunteer experience encompasses:
    • Civil Rights and Social Action
    • Poverty Alleviation
    • Science & Technology
    • Politics
it's me!
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