I help businesses gain perspective via:

Web Strategy

Design Thinking

Business Analysis

Project Management

Digital Business Analysis and Project Management


To foster collaboration with actionable insights and new perspectives


Through Change Management enablement paired with Project Management via Design Thinking and Web Strategy



Trendspotting Info Gathering Requirements Analysis Cross-Functional Collab Data Science Analytics Public Speaking

I think in lists, thrive on detail, and default to a big picture POV.

Interested in innovation leadership, continuity, trendspotting, project management, and other business topics?

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Business Analysis

Examples of Competitive Analysis Frameworks, Enterprise Analysis, Requirements Elicitation, Requirements Planning and Management and more!


Technical Writing

Click to view my more complex technical writing examples, simplified by design!

Business Strategy Planning

A few examples of how I navigate, plan, and develop enterprise strategies. From Communication Flow Charts to Digital Marketing Strategy and design!


Podcast interviews, mentions, blog series production galore!

Web Strategy

Here you'll find my experience related to digital marketing, marketing ops, and data governance!


Companies that I’ve worked with at some capacity

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